Friday 21 December 2018

Chocolate & Chestnut Cream Cookie Sandwiches - Bakemas Day 21

You will need
115g/4 oz butter/margarine
100g /3½ oz light muscavado sugar
1 tbsp honey/agave syrup
30g /1oz cocoa powder
140g /5oz cup self raising flour
100g /3½oz dark chocolate, chopped
1 can coconut milk, refrigerated (70% solids minimum)
85g/3oz chestnut puree
½ tbsp icing sugar

Preheat the oven 180C/450F/Gas 4
Beat the butter/margarine and sugar together until creamy, add in the honey/agave syrup and beat again until smooth. Add in the cocoa powder, flour and chocolate and mix until everything is fully incorporated, separate the mixture into 16 balls and place on baking trays lined with grease proof paper. Top with a few extra chunks of chocolate and bake for 10 minutes and leave on the baking tray to cool. Note: the cookies will come out of the oven soft they will set as they cool.

To make the chestnut cream spoon the coconut solids out of the can (mine came to about 250g) and put in a bowl, whisk the coconut until smooth, add the chestnut puree and icing sugar and whisk again.

Once the cookies have completely cooled spread the chestnut cream on the bottom of a cookie and top with another, put in the fridge to set.
Store in the fridge

Makes 8


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  2. Beat the spread/margarine and sugar together until rich, include the nectar/agave syrup and beat again until smooth. Include the cocoa powder, flour and chocolate and blend until everything is completely joined, separate the combination into 16 balls and spot on preparing plate fixed with oil evidence paper.

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