Sunday, 16 December 2018

Berries & Cream Ginger Beer Float - Bakemas Day 16

I feel like the only way to describe this is “kind of like a root beer/coke float...but kind of not at all”. I mean it’s berry-ie and creamy and gingery and fizzy and it gets this crazy foamy head you can eat with a spoon and it’s so quick to make especially when you use a hand blender.

Quick side note on that; the hand blender is my new favourite thing, I always talk in length about my distaste for using a food processor and that sort of extends to a blender to, there’s just something about washing them up that grinds me gears...no pun intended? So I’ve pretty much been trying to use a hand blender for everything I possibly can and the other day I made date based chocolate granola truffles with them and man that thing works, I bought it at uni quite a few years ago, possibly the best 5 quid I’ve ever spent.


I guess in a way this is a fruitier healthier version of a root beer/coke float although that wasn’t really my intention with this recipe...in all honesty this recipe started as a milk/lemonade drink...I love a wandering mind when it comes to food.
You will need
4 tbsp coconut cream
A handful of raspberries, fresh or frozen
A handful of blueberries, fresh or frozen
600ml ginger beer

Blend the coconut cream and fruit together until smooth.
Spoon the mixture into glasses and pour cold ginger beer over. Top with fresh berries if desired.

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  1. There's something about cleaning them up that makes me dislike using a food processor or blender, which I frequently discuss in great detail. They worked wonders when I used them to make chocolate granola truffles with dates as the basis.


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