Sunday, 31 December 2017

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Ice Cream

How was everybody’s Christmas? I had a nice couple of days hanging with my family, I ate a lot of food and got what normal people would probably class as a few too many pairs of socks so I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

This is probably one of those recipes where some people are just reading this like DUH! and some are like...why did I never think of that! It's also really simple... I’ll be getting back to regularly scheduled programming in the new year (sort of) but simple might just be what you're looking for after Christmas.

This is something I used to do as a kid with friends, once we discovered ben and jerry's we definitely had that wide eyed 'wooaahhhh' moment but as it’s a little pricey, especially for a kid, so my friends and I used to buy a big 2 litre tub of cheap vanilla ice cream, chocolate bars and sweets and voila we have fancy ass ice cream...okay maybe not quite fancy ass ice cream but it could rival ben and jerrys any day!

...this isn't me telling you to just add toppings to your ice cream because that's not really getting the whole experience, no, we went one step further!

So let me explain...

It’s pretty straight forward, and way too easy for what you get out of this. You chop all your bits and pieces up while you wait until the ice cream has softened, put the ice creal in a massive bowl and get a spoon and stir it until it’s the consistency of soft serve, you add in all your bits and pieces and then pop it back in the tub it came in and put it back in the freezer to set. Obviously you can eat it straight away, it’s like the consistency of a mcflurry or you can wait till it’s frozen again and scoop it out. Bear in mind your ice cream will deflate a little because it loses air when your stir it but I actually quite like it like that. You can make your ice cream from scratch then add the stuff in but this is a super quick and easy dessert idea and it’s also really good for leftovers.

It is still December so obviously this ice cream is of the festive variety! I literally whipped round the kitchen and chopped up bits and piece of everything I had left, so in here I have: gingerbread men, cinnamon candied nuts, chocolate orange truffles and raw Christmas pudding.

This is a great way to use up left over bakes and chocolates and you get to make something entirely different, it also means you can pop it all in the freezer and come back to it a few weeks later if you're all fooded out! You can put anything in it I'm talking about leftovers but like I said earlier you can just use chocolate bars if it's the middle of summer.....although I’d stay away from jelly beans and sweets like that they tend to end up rock hard once they’ve been in the freezer, don’t want anyone breaking a tooth!
You will need
A tub of ice cream, I used Swedish Glace
Leftovers (cookies, chocolate bars, cake etc.)

In this ice cream I used leftover food from bakemas recipes which I’ll list here:
Note: all these recipes are or can easily be vegan
Shortbread Gingerbread Men
Raw Christmas Pudding
Cinnamon Candied nuts
Chocolate Orange Truffles

Get your ice cream out the freezer and leave to soften.
While your ice cream is softening prepare all your add ins, you can add cookies, biscuits, cakes, chocolates etc. Cut/break everything into bite sized pieces and set aside.
When your ice cream is just soft scoop it all into a big bowl and mix with a big spoon until its the consistency of soft serve. Add in all your cut up pieces and stir until it's all evenly combined.
Spoon the ice cream back into the ice cream tub and put in the freezer until it's firm enough to scoop out.


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