Sunday, 15 December 2013

Baileys Frappé

The other night while I couldn't sleep and everything I have to get done before christmas was running around in my head, let's just say I haven't even started my christmas presents yet, I decided Baileys Frappés would be the perfect accompaniment to the holiday season. To me Baileys screams christmas but these would go down just as easy on a summers day. I'll be honest I don't drink but oh my heavens to murgatroyd was this amazing! I could quite possibly get drunk off of these by accident. After all the frappés I made in summer I'm pretty sure I've outdone myself with this one, not to toot my own horn! I do have a soft spot for frappés.

It's quick and easy, it takes longer to get out the ingredients than it does to make it and I'll tell you now you don't even need a powerful blender. I'm pretty sure our blender is on it's last leg because I have to give it a bit of a shake so it'll blend everything, nevertheless it works.

1 espresso shot/1 tsp instant coffee (heaped)
3 tsp condensed milk
2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
2 1/2 tbsp/1 shot of Baileys
2 tbsp milk
8-10 large ice cubes

Serves 1

Make the coffee, if you're using instant coffee add a small amount of hot water to dissolve it, then mix the condensed milk into the coffee.
While the coffee cools put the ice cream, baileys, milk and ice in the blender.
Add an ice cube to the coffee and stir until it's cold, then add the coffee and blend.


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