Sunday, 13 December 2015

Brie, Cranberry & Caramelised Onion Toasted Sandwich - Bakemas Day 13

It’s sandwich Sunday! Actually I think this is only the second sandwich I’ve posted on here and the likelihood I posted that on a Sunday is slim but it sounds like it would be a great segment. I think I can finally take a bit of a break tomorrow, although I say break, that break includes tidying, sewing, present related things and a blog post that still needs to be put up. What I really mean is I can spend all day in pyjamas and not in the kitchen which would be a nice change of scenery.

I made this seasonal delight for my mum, I only made myself a half sandwich which looked pretty sorry for itself but it blew my expectations to smithereens! I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as moorish, is that a bad thing to say about your own food ideas? Well it’s pretty quick to whip together and would actually taste really good with turkey leftovers in as well, someone try that out, turkey leftovers aren’t much of a thing in my house.
½ onion
2 slices of bread
cranberry sauce

First slice the onion and put in a frying pan with butter on a low heat, cook stirring occasionally until brown and caramelised making sure not to burn them.
While the onion is cooking under the grill toast a slice of bread, once lightly toasted add the brie and spread the cranberry sauce on top and place back under the grill adding the other piece to gently toast. Once the brie has melted remove from the oven top with the caramelised onion and second slice of bread.
Serves 1

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