Thursday 19 November 2015

Macaroni Cheese with Salmon & Cheesy Breadcrumb Topping

Do you want to play spot the difference? Because one of these is made with almond milk. I think my distaste for cow’s milk severely impeded my ability to enjoy macaroni cheese while growing up. A couple of months ago while a friend was staying over she persuaded me to have mac and cheese for dinner, we’d made cheese sauce with almond milk for lasagne before but never for just macaroni cheese. We spent about 20 minutes adding this and that and trying it over and over but I’d say it was a hit because we ended up making it twice in three days. A couple of months later and I think I’ve perfected the art of almond milk mac and cheese and it’s all about the seasoning, do not skip the mustard powder. Okay, you can use any milk for this recipe, it’s not just a recipe for almond milk cheese sauce, I’ve made it for my parents with cow’s milk and I imagine it would work just as well with soy, hazelnut, rice, or whatever other milk you’re into. I would just say that if your milk is sweet you may have to add a little more salt. Salmon macaroni cheese was something my mum made for us as kids and it’s kind of the only time I specifically remember enjoying it at a young age so although this was sort of an excuse for me to eat it, it’s definitely share worthy. So when my macaroni-cheese-obsessed-salmon-hating friend decides to get her butt back in the country I will convert her.
For the cheese sauce
½ pint/285ml/1⅕ cup milk
1 oz/3 ½ tbsp plain flour
1 oz/2 tbsp butter/margarine
½ tsp mustard powder
¼ tsp ground nutmeg
A pinch of salt & pepper
4 oz extra mature cheddar, grated
You will also need
Fillet of salmon/tinned salmon
4 oz macaroni
2 spring onions
2 oz extra mature cheddar, grated
1 oz breadcrumbs, about 1 slice
If you're using a salmon fillet place under the grill or in a frying pan to cook. Boil the water for the pasta and cook as recommended.
While the pasta and salmon are cooking slice the spring onions into rings and make the breadcrumbs.
To make the cheese sauce put the milk, butter/marg, flour and seasonings in a saucepan and heat on low while constantly whisking until thickened. Take off the heat and add in the cheese and let melt for a few seconds. Add in the pasta, salmon and chopped spring onion and stir until evenly combined. Separate into oven proof single serve dishes, mix the leftover cheese and breadcrumbs together in a bowl and add on top of the macaroni cheese. Place under the grill for 10-15 minutes or until bubbling and brown.
Serves 2

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