Thursday 6 March 2014

Healthy Brownie Pancakes (gluten free)

Pancake day may be over but tis the season!

I made this the first day of my sugarless month because I was dying for something chocolatey and they definitely hit the spot. I'll give you fair warning that these are quite hard to flip and they don;t always end up looking like your typical pancakes, so don't worry if they bunch up a little bit. If you have a good non stick pan this should be a lot easier, I am in dire need of a new one. They taste just as good however they look.

1 ripe banana
2 free-range eggs
2 tbsp ground almonds
2 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp honey
1 tsp of baking powder
Oil or butter for frying

A dollop of Greek yogurt
A Sprinkling of Desiccated coconut

Mash the ripe banana until a smooth paste. Whisk in the eggs, almonds, cocoa powder, honey and baking powder (you may need less honey depending on how ripe the banana is). 
Grease and heat the pan, Cook the pancakes on a low heat.
Serve with greek yogurt and desiccated coconut, I'd also have this with strawberries when they're in reason.

I usually make half this recipe, I like to slightly undercook these because it makes them taste even more brownie-like. These are also nice cold as snacks and they're easy to pop in your bag and eat while you're out and need something sweet and indulgent but healthy.

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