Sunday 20 July 2014

Frozen Greek Yogurt Cheesecakes 5 Ingredients (processed sugar free)

The most frustrating thing about these is waiting for them to thaw before you can eat them, impatient souls, especially on a hot summers day! They're so worth it though, really refreshing and all natural ingredients.

The idea kind of originated from vegan cheesecakes although obviously these are not vegan. If you are vegan you can switch out the honey for agave and the yogurt for a dairy free option. I just wanted something easy that you could throw together quickly with few ingredients, so simple, so fast, SO TASTY! I think my favourite one is the chocolate so if in doubt, chocolate! That's quite a good motto for life in general though.

Thursday 17 July 2014

Strawberry Lemonade Ice Lollies/Popsicles (processed sugar free)

A few years ago ice lollies where all I ate in summer, I don't think they'll ever get old, especially for kids. They're the perfect thing to cool you down and are really refreshing, and who doesn't love fruit on a hot summers day. These are 100% natural with no processed sugars and they make this yummy strawberry-lemony-syrupy-ness on the top which I find overly scrummy.

If you don't have any ice lolly moulds, never fear! you can use empty yoghurt pots or freezer proof tumblers, anything that will make a personal sized portion and can go in the freezer, just pop a lolly stick in and bung it in the freezer.

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Strawberry S'mores Bruschetta

I had this idea a few weeks ago, I kept going to the shop, buying a fresh loaf of bread and then we ended up eating it before I could make this. I made this the day before my parents were leaving to go on holiday, my mum was in the bathroom painting her toenails, my dad was sitting on the toilet (he wasn't actually on the toilet he was just sitting on it) I walked in with a plate of these in my hand and the greatest mess ensued. So this is quite messy, but where's the fun if it's not? It's really simple and quick to make any time of year, perfect for summer or winter, a movie night, sitting outside on a starry night, camping...the list could go on, although you might have to leave out the strawberries in the winter.

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Caramel & Coconut Oat Bar with Homemade Chocolate (processed sugar free)

Oaty/flapjack bars are one of the easiest things to shove in your bag for when you need a snack on the go. I find one of the problems with these kind of thing's is either they're full of rubbish and taste like fat or they taste like they're healthy. Sometimes you just want something you don't realise is bad, although if you have a little time to wait for something to freeze peanut butter cups are the ultimate "tastes bad but it's all good" recipe. If you're on the go though, this is so much more useful, and my brownie pancakes, I used to pre-make them pop them in a bag and take them everywhere. I almost sometimes forget all the thing's I've baked and loved in the past because there's so many options.

I actually got this idea in a round about way from my peanut butter caramel popcorn and I just can't resist adding coconut to anything. I wanted a healthy flapjack/oaty bar that didn't just taste like it was good for you, I kept it pretty plain with just oats and desiccated coconut but you can add anything to it really, sun flower seeds or chopped nuts would go really well in this.

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Strawberry, Bacon and Grilled Goats Cheese Salad with Balsamic Vinegar

I'm a big salad lover, a big dressing-less salad lover. I'm not talking a bit of salad on the side of my plate, I mean a full on, all the trimmings, big meaty salad (although meat is not compulsory). I just mean I like my salads big, with a lot of spinach and literally any vegetable that's in the house. I'm trying to branch out a little bit this summer and be more selective with what I put in them, well, at least once a week, I think I'll always enjoy adding all the veg in my salad bowl. There's just so many salads to make and not enough summers days to make them in; it's already past summer solstice which honestly baffles me how it starts getting darker and summer has barely started in England. I still think official summer is mid july to the beginning of august because that's when the school holidays are, but I have a feeling that'll most likely be ingrained in my head forever.

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