Friday 28 February 2014

Homemade cocoa puffs (sugar free)

I've always had a strange relationship with cereal, when I was younger I was the child that hated milk and would sit there pouring the milk off the spoon without letting the cereal fall off. I also hate my cereal going soggy, so breakfast was a balance of carefully pouring the milk off the spoon and speed eating so the cereal didn't turn to mush. Don't even get me started on when your milk starts tasting sugary from the cereal or even worse...chocolatey. When I was a teenager I pretty much only ate cereal dry, I'd take it to school in a bag and sneakily eat it during lessons. I am now a full on granola obsessive and the best part...it takes forever to go soggy, I keep meaning to try and make a dupe of my favourite granola because I have to go to a specific tesco just to get it. You may have seen me? I'm the freak standing at the checkout with 6 boxes of the same cereal and 5 cartoons of almond milk.

Enough of my cereal tales; I will warn you now, I spent quite a while rolling these balls and oh man is it time consuming. Next time I'd just give up and try cooking them as blobs, can I trade mark that now? Cocoa blobs; coming to a store near you!

Saturday 22 February 2014

Chocolate chip "porridge" cookies (sugar free) with homemade chocolate chips

If I was a london commuter I would 100% be the person that runs on the train just as it's about to leave looking a little flustered; with a coffee in one hand that almost spills everywhere, and a bag that almost gets caught in the door. I'd be the person who after walking up the train, sits down, finally finishes rustling about then proceeds to eats her breakfast on the train; and this is what I would take. I imagine everyone would be sneakily glancing at me with looks of slight annoyance and disgust that I'm eating chocolate chip cookies for breakfast; little do they know these cookies are almost like non-messy porridge to-go with all the taste of a cookie and non of the processed rubbish. Now don't get me wrong I wouldn't eat cookies for breakfast everyday...I'd eat pancakes too!

Friday 21 February 2014

Homemade sugar free chocolate (chocolate chips for baking)

This is probably the most amazing thing I have discovered while not eating processed sugar, I must say the internet is a weird and wonderful place. This is so quick and easy to make, requires no fancy ingredients and when I baked these into cookies they tasted just as good as the real deal. After the no sugar thing is over I might just have to try these out in my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe, see how well they hold up.

Saturday 15 February 2014

Nutella energy bites

I was obsessed with making energy bites last winter, I'd eat them instead of chocolate. I'd only ever made chocolate flavoured ones once and they were amazing but it was so long ago and I seem to have no recollection of the ingredients or where I got the recipe from...or if it was even a recipe. They'll always be a fond memory, maybe I'll remember one day but for now let's have some nutella balls instead.

Friday 14 February 2014

Peanut butter cups (sugar free)

This month I decided to cut processed sugars out of my diet completely, I dabbled in this about 3 years ago when sugar was disagreeing with my body but now I've decided it's time for change and me to kick myself in the butt a little more. It's been 13 days and man do I miss chocolate. I actually spent the first few days making batches of chocolate pancakes which turn out more like weird blobs and large scramble, once I've made a few adjustments maybe they'll be blog worthy because they taste damn good.

Isn't everyones favourite kind of healthy food the kind that tastes like it's bad for you? and do these taste bad for you! I was obsessed with eating peanut butter bars in the summer, so obsessed I had to refrain from making them because I literally would have eaten the whole batch in one go if I didn't have prying eyes watching me retrieve one from the fridge every time I was done. Thankfully this recipe isn't full of biscuits and chocolate, its 100% processed sugar free and they taste just as good.

I'll be honest I managed to eat the first batch of these with my mum before I got round to photographing them so be warned!

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