Wednesday 30 October 2013

Pumpkin Pudding Muffins

I was trying to find something different to make with pumpkin in and came across pumpkin pudding muffins by something swanky. This recipe had jell-o powder in, I'm not sure if you can get jell-o powder in england but I'm going to assume you can't because I'd probably be traipsing round the whole country looking for it; which I don't really fancy doing. I still couldn't resist trying to make these so I looked up a recipe for jell-o pudding mix and found one by Brown eyed Baker.

Although I can't compare these make your own to the bought jell-o powder kind these muffins were so yummy, they literally taste like autumn in your mouth. I may just have to start making these every year.

Monday 28 October 2013

Spiced chocolate chip scones

It's one of those overcast, dull skies, leaves flying everywhere kind of days which make you want to curl up and watch a film with a cup of coffee and watch the leaves fly around the garden. These kind of days also make me want to watch christmas films and have me walking round the house constantly saying "feels like christmas is coming", I know it's way to early but the magic is a'brewin'. So I thought it was time to whip up another batch of these spiced scones, which I've finally decided to put on here because they're just too addictive to pass up.

About two weeks ago I woke up with a craving for scones, I know what you're thinking scones for breakfast? and all I can say is yes scones for breakfast, who wouldn't? So before I went out I whipped up some scones, feeling in a seasonal mood because all I can think about is spiced anything; I used a basic scone recipe, added in some spices and iced them. Unfortunately I didn't end up having time to eat these for breakfast, I had to drink my coffee first and take the scones with me but after walking to my friends house I sat down in her kitchen to eat and oh my was it worth the wait! In 4 days I made variations of 3 batches of these, so I would say in my hands these are a little dangerous; beware! Now not only do I try spice everything I also try to put everything into scone form.

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Cinnamon bun scones

Last week I was doing something, completely unrelated, and it came to me: cinnamon bun cookies! all the taste and none of the waiting. After a little bit of googling I found out they were already a thing, which is always a little frustrating when you think you're being creative and innovative and you find out your idea already exists. I am almost positive the majority of english people are less adventurous with their baking, we seem to like classic homely style baking passed down from generations, but that's not to say this is a bad thing. So while I was walking around the house I saw a packet of Welsh cakes my parents had brought back from Wales which led me to cinnamon bun scones.

I did two different tests of cinnamon bun cookies and although they were nice, they were really sweet and I even reduced the amount of sugar. As they were so sugary it took away from the cinnamoniness, and I love me some cinnamon, so they weren't exactly what I was trying to create, they also take a while to make with refrigerating the dough etc. so it wasn't exactly cutting down on the time it took to make them. I definitely got what I wanted from the scones though, they're almost like a real cinnamon bun and mentally they feel healthier, whether that's true or not I have no idea.

Monday 7 October 2013

Pumpkin cupcake alternative: Sweet potato cupcakes

I'll be honest, I've been slightly jealous seeing all the pumpkin cupcakes around, in years before I have searched everywhere for pumpkin puree and still have not found any. My trusty sources have informed me that 2 supermarkets now stock pumpkin puree however there is still none to be found in a 20 mile radius of my house, and the pumpkins aren't even in stock yet. I'm sure other people have had this problem, maybe it's just me, I will eventually get my hands on a tin of this but for now I had to come up with an alternative.

It's orange, it's spiced, it's almost like you can trick yourself into believing they're the real deal. If you don't like sweet potatoes I'd say don't knock it till you've tried it, and if you do have pumpkin puree and you haven't had sweet potato cupcakes before, try them anyway, they're so moist and yummy. Even thinking about them is making me want one.

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