Friday 21 February 2014

Homemade sugar free chocolate (chocolate chips for baking)

This is probably the most amazing thing I have discovered while not eating processed sugar, I must say the internet is a weird and wonderful place. This is so quick and easy to make, requires no fancy ingredients and when I baked these into cookies they tasted just as good as the real deal. After the no sugar thing is over I might just have to try these out in my favourite chocolate chip cookie recipe, see how well they hold up.

The general consensus from my mum was that they're a little bitter (although I have a feeling she ended up getting a bit of cookie with a lot of chocolate in), but don't let that put you off, if you like dark chocolate, which I will point out that I don't really care for the stuff, or haven't had sugar in a while these are perfect for you and if the above doesn't apply to you, they might just surprise you. I'm sure you could probably add a little more honey to make them slightly sweeter but I love that rich cocoa flavour at the moment. but really if you're adding them to cookies that are kind of sweet it just balances it out.

Props to Healthy family cookin for this genius idea!

75g/ 1/3 cup of butter/margarine/coconut oil
75g/ 1/4 cup of honey/agave syrup
40g/ 1/3 cup of cocoa powder

Line a pan with greaseproof paper and set aside, I used a 2lb loaf tin. Melt the fat and honey in a saucepan, whisk in the cocoa powder until smooth. Pour the mixture into the pan and refrigerate. Cut into pieces as needed or freeze after chopped up.

Makes roughly 175g of chocolate. I've only tried these in cookies but I'm sure you could use them in most things that require chocolate chips to make your sweet treats slightly healthier.


  1. Chocolates are the love of every person's life, the most selling thing in market but what about those who are diabetic and can't enjoy the taste of it? Not to worry aymore as this blog is a real help for sugar free eaters.

  2. Homemade sugar-free chocolate chips offer guilt-free indulgence with a rich cocoa flavor and smooth texture, complemented by a blend of alternative sweeteners, ensuring luscious gooeyness in treats. divorce and family law new york


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