Saturday, 10 December 2016

Ginger & Pomegranate White Wine Spritzer - Bakemas Day 10

I guess some people would say I’m pretty boring when it comes to drinks because I pretty much only drink water, coffee and sometimes hot chocolate. It’s not that I don’t like other drinks I just don’t ever really want them, although every summer I do go through a ginger beer phase, usually when it’s actually hot over here.

If I’m going to venture into the "not coffee and water" drinking territory it’s probably a good idea to just pick things I’m obsessed with then go from there and I’m definitively loving pomegranates right now but I do have my mum to thank for the wine being added to this. I’d probably never think to add wine to anything, I was more of a cider/liquor drinker and wine was the last thing I’d want. This though, I’d drink again in a heartbeat! I made an alcoholic and non alcoholic version of this and the one with wine was hands down the winner for me which I’m really surprised at. I will say though, the wine I got has quite a low alcohol content and tastes quite fruity but I’m sure it’ll taste just as good with a stronger one especially if you’re a wine drinker. This drink was obviously a hit with my mum because she made it again the other day (also might have converted some people to that white wine as well). You will need
100ml/ ½ cup white wine
50ml/ ¼ cup pomegranate juice
100ml/ ½ cup ginger beer
Slice of lime, Pomegranate seeds & ice to serve

Pour the wine, pomegranate juice and ginger beer over ice in a glass top with a lime slice and some pomegranate seeds.

Recipe serves one but if you’re making on a large scale or ahead of time; pour the white wine and pomegranate juice in a jug, add the lime slices and pomegranate seeds and chill. Before serving add chilled ginger beer and pour over ice if desired.

You can easily make this non-alcoholic by just excluding the white wine or you can substitute for white/green grape juice or white grape shloer.


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