Wednesday 1 October 2014

Eton Mess with Rosé Soaked Strawberries Topped with Chocolate and Nuts

Is it just me or as a kid did you think eton mess was a made up name for something your mum put on the table for dessert and a cover up for it being a bunch of stuff cut up and bunged in cream. I always assumed she was saying "eaten mess", maybe it was just me.

This is eton mess the way my mum makes it...enhanced. She always used half cream half greek yogurt, which tastes so much better than all cream, it takes away some of the fattiness. I made hazelnut meringues which compliment the flavours so well and I don't drink but soaking the strawberries in rose wine makes this so much more mouth watering. It sweetens the strawberries so if they're a little out of season it's still tastes just as good, it's really worth not skipping this step.

A punnet of strawberries, about 450g
2 tbsp rosé wine, optional but strongly advised
150ml/ 2/3 cup double cream
250g/1 cup greek yogurt
2-3 meringue nests, homemade hazelnut meringue recipe here

Chopped nuts
Grated chocolate

Cut up the strawberries, place in a dish with the wine and set aside for about an hour stirring occasionally.

Whip the cream until thick then add the greek yogurt and mix until fully combined. Break up the meringues pieces and add to the bowl of cream with 3/4 of the strawberries and fold in.

To serve spoon strawberries into the bottom of the dish with some of the juice from the strawberries, spoon in the eton mess mixture then top with the remaining strawberries some grated chocolate and chopped nuts.

Makes 3-4 depending on size.

Alternatively you can use all greek yogurt, or substitute elmlea for the cream to make it lower in fat.

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